The App Market’s Big Data Challenge

Kiran Kumar

The App Market’s Big Data Challenge The App Market’s Big Data Challenge

The smartphone revolution has changed our lives. For millions of people, smartphones have become essential, and the actual function of making a phone call with your phone is just another important feature. We now use our phones for a variety of tasks, from managing to-do lists, to passing time playing games or watching movies, to completing daily tasks like comparing prices or locating the nearest ATM.

Over 53% of United States mobile phone users own a smartphone, which translates to 123.3 million people, according to a November 2012 report by comScore. This smart phone revolution, which comScore claims will continue to surge for years to come, has been supercharged by major developments in software (as well as hardware) technology, allowing thousands of independent companies and engineers to bring their ideas and innovations to millions of people through mobile app markets like Google Play and…

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